Welcome to the Yellow Room!

Welcome to the Yellow Room!

Drop in $15/class

Passes: 10x – $120 & Unlimited Month – $60

Purchase a pass and enjoy access to all classes.

Please Note! ALL Classes are Cancelled Oct 31st – Nov 3rd as Sarah is away on a yoga retreat.

Annie is away with her family until 2017. The classes below will continue weekly as of Tuesday Nov 8th.


12noon – 1pm Core Wisdom & Lower Back Love w/Sarah

6pm – 7:15pm Slow Flow w/Tanya


12noon – 1pm Tensegrity/Core & Happy Hips w/Sarah


9:30am – 10:30am Women’s Centre¬†by donation class w/ various great local teachers

6pm – 7:45pm Self Massage, Yoga & Meditation w/Sarah

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